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Franchise directory information - alfa mini market
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Franchise business is being part of a successfully proven business that has a name or trademark that is well known and profitable. Franchise businesses are strategically tried and marketable with options to expand by offering products and services that appeal to the consumer. A franchise business consultant may be able to offer...

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Alfa Mart Franchise

Consumer goods, retail chain store, outlet & mini mart franchise

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Franchise business type: Mini Mart

Franchisee requirement: franchise data not available

Franchise capital investment: see below

Head office address: PT Sumber Alfaria Trijaya, Jl MH Thamrin No 9 Cikokol Tangerang

Phone: 62 21 555 9776, 555 55966

Alfamart is a franchise business organized by PT Sumber Alfaria Trijaya, established since june 27, 1999. Now it has more than 1500 branchses nationally. The main share owned by HM Sampoerna & Alfa Group which known as one of the leaders in tobacco industry.

Alfamart has vision to be the most well known retail distribution network which is owned by public/society, and to nurture small medium enterprise, also fulfilling needs and hope of its consumers, to be able to compete globally.

Advantages of being partnership with Alfamart are: clear target market segmentation, quality standard products, full supply from franchisor, administration and accounting systems are provided, promotion activity, supervision & consultation within full 5 years.

Requirements: individual or limited company, Citizen of Indonesia, own minimum 90m2 outlet space, business license, agree to follow Alfamart’s term and procedures

Initial investment projection:
Type: Space Investment Rent Total
36 Racks 90m2 Rp 300jt Rp 125jt Rp 425jt
45 Racks 90-150m2 Rp 330jt Rp150jt Rp 480jt
54 Racks Over 150m2 Rp 380jt Rp175jt Rp 555jt

Royalti Fee %:

Net sales: %
Rp 0-Rp 75jt 0
Rp75-Rp100jt 2
Rp 100jt-Rp150jt 2.5
Rp 150jt – up 3

For further information please contact:
PT Sumber Alfaria Trijaya
Jl. MH Thamrin 9 Cikokol
Tangerang 15117 Indonesia
Phone: 62 21 557 55966
Fax: 62 21 554 9776
Website: www.alfamartku.com

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